Monty & Community - Niki Lischow Q&A

Monty & Community - A series talking to some of our most loyal and devoted customers and community about how they enjoy Monty & Co. 

Niki has been a loyal customer for some time choosing Monty & Co for her young son and more recently for herself. An avid supporter of natural fibres and ethical Independent brands . We spoke to Niki about how she enjoys dressing her young son and her commitment to conscious consumption and love of second hand.


Tell us about yourself? 

Hi, I’m Niki, half Dutch, half English and living in Amsterdam with my partner Lex and our toddler Alfie. I work as a museum registrar and am currently setting up the National Holocaust Museum in the Netherlands. My partner and I both love to surf, hike and garden. Thats why we are looking to relocate to the UK in the coming 5 years.
Talk to us about what you look for in a children’s clothing brand? 
Durable, conscious, easy to wear & clean. I’m not a fan of prints, love unisex shapes & colors and if they have any stripey items that’s a huge plus.
Has your childhood influenced the way you dress your children in any way? 
My mum had quite good taste and dressed me in cords, dungarees and woolies. Which is basically how I still dress myself and how I dress Alfie too! I used to love being able to romp around freely and not being restricted by my clothes, although one of my greatest wishes was a princess dress, which was never granted by the way.
How does Monty & Co make you and your children feel? 
Happy and free. Monty & Co ticks all the boxes; durable, conscious and great fit. My toddler romps about in them and is not restricted. For city dwellers we do get out into nature quite a lot, whether it’s the park, the woods or the beach.
What is your favourite way/s to style your Monty & Co garment/s? 
For myself, I love my tan Foundry jacket with a good wool jumper, tapered jeans and Chelsea boots. When it gets warmer I wear the jacket over an Ombaby dress or onesie, paired with Birkenstocks. It looks great with black leggings too. 
My son Alfie has a few more Monty bits, our current favorite is the Foundry in navy, paired with indigo jeans and Chelsea boots, this reminds me of our Black Country working class heritage. Our other favorite combo are the tan Dungarees with a hickory stripe knit and classic trainers.
What other slow fashion brands do you invest in alongside Monty & Co? 
I have been living in Finisterre for a solid decade now. I love the Scandinavian and German wool brands such as Engel, Cosilana and Joha too. I am still looking for the perfect jeans.
Alfie wears wool since birth, we love Disana, Lilano, Mabli, Fub, and we’ve added cotton since he’s been walking: Ombaby and Pippins mainly. 
What is your favourite Monty & Co style/s and why? 
I love the Foundry jacket, it’s so versatile and it just looks cool with everything. The tailoring is great and very flattering. It’s the perfect layer really.
How often to you buy your children’s clothing. Do you plan ahead, buy seasonally or as just as your child needs? 
There is a general idea of what our son needs fo the different seasons and my goal is to try and get that preloved. When I stumble upon our favorites in future sizes I buy ahead. If we miss anything we buy new and of course we succumb to ‘wants’ every once in a while.
Have you purchased Monty & Co Loved or received pre-loved Monty & Co items from friends or family?
We have a few preloved Monty items, and we’re very happy with them. They keep really well and become ever so soft. We pass on any outgrown garments too and already made use of the option to send items back in exchange for store credit in the Monty & Co Loved scheme. Such great initiative and one of the reasons we love Monty even more.
If you buy pre-loved clothing (from any brand) what is the percentage mix vs new? 
We are probably at 95% preloved, which I am very proud of. I do admit it’s a hobby to hunt down items I see online and get them preloved. It does appeal to my competitive side. We usually sell before we buy and spend the funds on new items. A great way to be able to afford conscious clothing that has a fair price.
What tips do you have for other parents looking to build a conscious wardrobe for their children? 
It really depends on how much time they are able to invest. Getting all the items you want preloved can take up quite some time and I realize it is a huge privilege to be able to work like this. In general I would advise to make a wishlist for babyshower/birthday/holidays with all the conscious items you’d like. That way friends and family can contribute and spend their hard earned coin on something your family will really love and wear. Save up for key items you want to buy new. Keep an eye out for your favorite brands in charity shops. Go on Vinted/Insta/Facebook groups to grab some bargains. Learn to mend. And sell all the items your little ones outgrow to earn some cash for new purchases.
What would you like to see from Monty & Co in the future? 
No doubt about it; adult dungarees and / or trousers! For my son I’d love to see the return of the rust red colour way. 


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