Hi, I'm Leigh Montague, founder of Monty & Co. and this is my son Grayson, the inspiration for Monty & Co. Along with my Husband Emmerson, our second son Oak and Albert a very lazy whippet. We live in Stroud, Gloucestershire surrounded by the countryside and valleys of the South Cotswolds. Monty & Co. is our family business which we run with passion from a studio next to our home.

Having grown up in Wiltshire I left to pursue a career as a Fashion designer studying at Winchester School of Art and Brighton University. Internships at DVF in New York and Marks & Spencer London followed where I stayed for a decade as a Menswear designer.

I've always been fascinated by clothing and textiles, the past/present, its impact and message within society. As a child I was surrounded by uniform, my father and grandfathers were in the RAF and this has had a huge influence on my aesthetic, my love of history, utility and British heritage. 


Timeless - Unisex - Childrenswear
Made in Britain.

Traditional workwear Designed for Childhood. 

A core collection of classic workwear garments reinterpreted for children.
Authentic functional style designed for everyday childhood.

We believe that children should be free to:

Play - Work - Create - Discover

Quality clothing is our focus. All our garments are made with hardwearing fabric from 100% natural fibres, allowing a garment to get better and softer with age, washing and wear.

We take great time and care to perfect the fit and construction. Versatility, practicality and durability are top of our list.

We are committed to creating clothing to last, to withstand childhood. Developing clothing that will become wardrobe favourites with repeated wear. Garments to be treasured, escape landfill and can be passed down to future generations.


Monty & Co. was born from a desire to find simple yet stylish, functional and unisex clothing for my young son.

A concern for the relentless cycle of consumption in the fashion industry coupled with a lack of transparency and decline in quality and respect for clothing in recent years led me to leave the commercial world.

A passion to solve these problems and frustrations I decided to go back to basics with an aim to provide real value in Childrenswear and develop a quieter, slower, understated yet distinctively British brand. 


Monty & Co. is 100% manufactured in Britain


Slowly and sustainably by small batch production. Craftmanship is key from the initial designs, to drafting the patterns, cutting and sewing the garments everything is done by traditional hand methods.

We are fortunate to be working with an English factory based in Norfolk that has an incredible history manufacturing workwear for over 200 years. Utilising the factories seasonal downtime for our production enables the local skilled workforce with continuity whilst supporting the future and heritage of the British textile industry.