Monty & Co. LOVED


Did you know we offer a take-back scheme at Monty & Co?

As a sustainable, slow-fashion brand, it's incredibly important to us to offer lasting value. We believe in the circular fashion movement whereby clothing is reused and passed on for as long as possible. Our Loved initiative (established back in 2018) was the first British childrenswear brand to offer this service. Here's how it works:

1. PURCHASE A GARMENT FROM OUR WEBSITE. This can be new or from one of our Loved Sales.

2. WEAR IT, ENJOY IT AND LOVE IT until it's outgrown and in need of replacing with a new item to love just as much.

3. SEND IT BACK TO US (in any condition) so it can be added to the stock for our next Loved Sale.
Monty & Co studio 
St Chloe, Amberley
Please e-mail us in advance so we know the Loved garment is on its way:
Please also include an email address and or a mobile number in your parcel so we can send you a Discount Code. 

4. GET A MONTY & CO CREDIT TOTALLING *50% of the item's original value and put it towards a new item to start the process again!
*50% Discount is calculated based on half of the retail price of the garment you are sending back to us.
The discount is only applicable to new items - not Loved or sale garments.
If sending more than one item back to us - the discount code you receive will reflect each item. 
5. 10% FROM EACH LOVED SALE IS DONATED TO The fashion & textile children's trust. For discover more on this charity click on their logo below: