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For a while we have wanted to run a Q&A with members of our community about how garments are styled, slow fashion, the Loved programme and much more.


Here's our first Q&A with two sisters that are big supporters of Monty & Co. 

We love how they pass down between them - patch, repair and generally think consciously about their children's wardrobe. So here goes: 


Tell us about yourself?

We are sisters, 2 of the 4 Shaw siblings.

Abbie lives in London with her partner Luke and 2 year old son Denny and designs childrenswear.

Harrie lives in Sussex with her partner Paul and their 2 children Bertie (9 years) and Dusty (5 Years) and works as a forest school teacher.

Talk to us about what you look for in a children’s clothing brand?

Practical, comfortable yet timeless clothing that can be worn and worn and worn again.

Has your childhood influenced the way you dress your children in any way?

Most definitely. The kids are actually dressed predominantly in our old clothes that we grew up in. Luckily our mum saved an attics worth of beautiful hand me downs. We are always looking back at old photograph albums of the ‘Shaw gang’ to see what we all wore.

Holidays spent at the caravan dressed in matching Benetton outfits, Nanny Joanie’s hand knit jumpers which we seem to have in every size possible and the brilliant collection of primary coloured dungarees and sweatshirts which have remained a cosy favourite.

There are so many memories attached to our clothes and it is really lovely to see the children now make their own memories in them too.



How does Monty & Co make you and your children feel?

The children feel free to play comfortably and get as messy as they like and as parents that just makes us feel happy. 



What is your favourite way/s to wear your Monty & Co garment/s?

They are usually teamed with some well worn handed down boots and a hand knit of some sort.



What other slow fashion brands do you invest in alongside Monty & Co?

Mabli, Disana, Misha and Puff and Young double.

What is your favourite Monty & Co style/s and why?

 The Engineer boilersuit – absolute classic and easy all in one outfit.

It works in so many ways from being worn every day, to outdoor forest school clubs and even as a last minute world book day costume… a ghostbuster, a mechanic, a squirrel to name a few. 



How often do you buy your children’s clothing. Do you plan ahead, buy seasonally or just as your child needs?   

We are not that great at planning ahead to be honest so just as our children grow and need.

Have you purchased Monty & Co Loved or received pre-loved Monty & Co items from friends or family?

Yes we have purchased a couple of pre loved items from the website, got to be be quick though ;)

Any new items that we have bought between us have so far been handed down through 3 children. They really stand the test of time and it is so nice for the cousins to all share. 

If you buy pre-loved clothing (from any brand) what is the percentage mix vs new?

Probably about 25% new to 75% pre loved. We actually rarely buy new pieces for the kids. We love to hunt down second hand goods, you can never beat a carboot sale treasure!

What tips do you have for other parents looking to build a conscious wardrobe for their children?

Buy one or two sizes too big to get the most wear.

Invest in a couple of special staple items to team with the second hand finds.

Care and Repair. Patch mended knees, darn holey socks and don’t over wash. 

What would you like to see from Monty & Co in the future?

 A wool Foundry Jacket that can be worn in the colder months.


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If you would like to take part in our Q&A please get in contact with me via e-mail on thank you. 

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