Our quality handcrafted garments are constructed to last, to endure childhood.

All our garments have been consciously designed for maximum longevity by being timeless, unisex, utility styles. They not only stand the test of time in their quality of construction, fabrication and durability but by being classic in style, not fashion or trend led. These everyday quality childhood staples provide the opportunity to be loved and loved again, modern heirlooms for many generations to enjoy!

We strongly believe that circular fashion, passing down and recycling clothes. Is a simple commitment and positive change to the future of fashion and our environment.


Send your pre-loved

Monty & Co back to us:

Monty & Co studio 
St Chloe, Amberley

You can email to inform us of returning items or any questions to:

Please include an email address and or a mobile number in your parcel so we can send you a *50% Discount Code to use on future purchases.
(if multiple garments are returned we will send a discount code to reflect this)

*50% Discount is calculated based on half of the retail price of the garment you are sending back to us.
The discount is only applicable to new items - not Loved or sale garments.

When we re-sell the product on a Loved listing 10% of the sale will go to the  The Fashion and Textiles Children's Trust. 

Discover more about The Fashion and Textiles Children's Trust and the great work they achieve here

Here you will find pre-loved styles, washed, worn and LOVED. Looking for new homes and adventures to be LOVED again.