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Monty & Community - A series talking to some of our most loyal and devoted customers and community about how they enjoy Monty & Co. 

Alexia Tucker is one of our earliest adopters of Monty & Co she has just welcomed her third son into the family recently. I love how her boys have grown with Monty & Co. Seeing how their workwear styles have been passed down and loved between the siblings is just how I hoped our styles could be enjoyed. We spoke to Alexia about her favourite styles, how she's shops and plans her sons wardrobes and her love for independent Childrenswear brands.

Tell us about yourself and your family?

Hello, I am Lex, mother of three boys, Faelan (5), Nuadha (2) & Orva (16 weeks).  We live in Wales and run our family business, Village Circus, from our workshop in the hills. We produce all sorts, from large scale participatory festival venues, to camper vans and canvas canopies.  Our summers are spent on the road in our self built Mercedes Vario camper, touring the UK festival circuit. I am also an illustrator and spend the off season drawing and designing for clients.


Talk to us about what you look for in a children’s clothing brand?

Sturdy, practical & comfortable clothing that will last through three fairly feral children & more…

Has your childhood influenced the way you dress your children in any way?

I spent a lot of my childhood climbing trees, and racing about Richmond Park, my happiest memories are of wild wet Welsh beaches, and the great oak tree we climbed as children….so I suppose I definitely see the value in dressing my children in a way that allows them to have fun outdoors for as long as possible.

How does Monty & Co make you and your children feel?

I feel proud to have been a customer from Monty & Co.’s earliest days, and to be supporting a family business that takes such careful consideration in what they are putting out into the world.  My sons are obsessed with workwear, so Monty & Co styles are completely perfect for them.  There is often a very serious pocket count when dressing for the day!


What is your favourite way/s to style your Monty & Co garment/s?

Always with a Mabli skinny rib & on colder days thin wool legging and chunky jumper.  I take a silly amount of pride in my children rarely complaining of being cold!

What other slow fashion brands do you invest in alongside Monty & Co?

Mabli, Joha, Superlove Merino, Disana, Om Baby, Forivor


What is your favourite Monty & Co style/s and why?

I personally love the Porter dungarees, they now evoke some really cherished memories of adventures I have had with my children.  My eldest son would say the utility trousers, and my middle the ‘worker’ jacket like Daddy”


How often to you buy your children’s clothing. Do you plan ahead, buy seasonally or as just as your child needs?  

I tend to buy as my eldest grows, I used to buy ahead but he has much more opinion on his clothing now, so I find it best to see where we are at as he needs things.  The younger two get hand me downs, my second was born in a different season to my first, so I do have to fill the odd gap in sizes.


Have you purchased Monty & Co Loved or received pre-loved Monty & Co items from friends or family?

Yes, it’s a wonderful initiative!


If you buy pre-loved clothing (from any brand) what is the percentage mix vs new?

I think 70% new, 30% preloved - I would like to improve on that ratio and buy more preloved. But at least my younger two are reusing all the new bits!


What tips do you have for other parents looking to build a conscious wardrobe for their children?

I have for the most part found styles we love and that work year round and we wear them again and again. Buy well & less.  Wool is great as it doesn’t need a lot of washing which is great for you and planet. LAYERS! Wardrobe items that can adapt with the season are so handy - M&Co dungarees with a wool under layer are perfect in winter, and shirtless in summer gives enough protection for busy little people who are playing in rougher terrains. Look for clothing with cuffs and turn ups and you can size up and get longer wear from things.


What would you like to see from Monty & Co in the future?

Backpacks, Coats, Shorts - ooh a trapper hat style for winter…


You can follow Alexia her family and adventures

@cloudmaker_and_the_wolf, Alexia Tucker Illustration @lexillustration 

Their family business Village circus @villagecircus

 Thank you Alexia for sharing your Love for Monty & Co.

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